Hallmarks again please

Hi folks,

I have a set if 6 fishknives and forks, all good condition, the hallmarks seem to read L & W, then a circle or oval followed by an S. I believe they are silver but unsure if solid or plated.

However on about 4 of the cutlery the Hallmark shows a R & W and the last Hallmark seems a bit different than the S and its more like a small x.

The cutlery is otherwise identical in size weight and colouring.

Hope i have explained that ok ! In short, who made them ?? and are there errors in the stamping of the hallmark or is it additional cutlery has maybe been added over the years if the last letter is a date mark ?

Thanks for your patience !

They are plated, not solid silver. L&W S is Lee & Wigfull of Sheffield. The design registration number was issued in 1904. I think that the R&W ones are also L&W but the dirt in the mark is hiding the detail and the final letter is also S - the letter S on some Lee & Wigfull marks is really quite angular. There is a selection of their marks here.


Phil, as ever thank you so much for the reply, is there still a market for these ?

I see a few sets on Ebay but none with any bids, just buy it now sets that dont appear to be expensive but they remain unsold so i am guessing they are no longer as popular as they once were.?

How is your knowledge around pocket watches ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think fish knives & forks are much in demand these days. Ordinary knives and forks do the job just as well, if not better, and how often do people serve multi-course meals at home? I think if I were to go to such trouble I would use silver and not electroplate.

My knowledge of pocket watches is restricted to what I can read from the case - the actual workings are a mystery!