Hallmarks and signs on a hip flask

I have restored an old hipflask and got as far as assuming James Dixon as makers. It has a clear glass body, the upper part beingencased in leather. It has a detachable silver (plated?) cup and a hinged cork-lined cover.
I am paricularly wondering about the Hallmarks, the inverted mushroom and circle signs as well as the DTWS Stamp

You are right: JD&S is James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. The mark to the right of JD&S is a trumpet, one of Dixons’ trade marks, and the mark to the left reads EP for electroplate. I hope you were not expecting the flask to be silver!

DWTS is an abbreviation for pennyweights which is a measurement particular to precious metals; there are 20 pennyweights in a Troy ounce and 12 Troy ounces in a Troy pound. (If you are familiar with British pre-decimal currency you will work out the derivation of the word pennyweight.) In this case 5¼DWTS indicates the amount of pure silver used in the electroplating process; it works out to just over 8 grams.