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Hallmarks on a silver ring

Hello folks

Just wondered if anybody could tell me what these Hallmarks are on this silver ring.
Hope the picture is good enough.


Stewart :unamused:
ring 2.jpg

Hi and welcome

“DD” is the sponsor’s mark - this could be the maker, retailer or importer, but I cannot identify it.
The next mark is the town mark; I can’t make out whether it’s the leopard’s head for London, anchor for Birmingham or rose for Sheffield.
The lion passant mark, next, indicates sterling silver.
The “y” is the date code for 1998 when the ring was assayed.
The last 2 marks are called “Convention” marks and are common to a group of (mainly European) countries as a common standard. “925”, of course, shows it is sterling silver fineness.

Thats great thank you.
I will need to get a magnifying glass out.
So 1998, not much age to it then.
I picked it up at a car boot for a couple of pound along with another few items.
Just wondered if it was of any value and age.

Thanks again