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Hallmarks on an old Trophy Cup

Hello! I was sold this trophy cup by a renowned Brisbane jewellery auction house as sterling silver but now I’m unsure as I can’t identify the marks!! I have attached a photo - it appears to read SII then a whale or dolphin then the initials JB.
Please help!

Hi there,
Interesting marks.

Is there an inscription on the trophy? It might give us a clue to the origin.

Can we see a photo of the whole thing?

My guess is it would date to the 1920s-30s and potentially be Indian, although I haven’t seen the dolphin mark before.

I can’t really make out the marks for myself, but could the first mark be SIL? This would be for Silver. This was used by some Indian silversmiths in the time period, such as Warner Bros and Cooke & Kelvey.


Thanks Ben for that info! Yes, it did say SIL so most likely Indian. Another source says the dolphin mark was also used in the Netherlands for Dutch silver.
The trophy was inscribed for 1935 for the Tubbs Shield…
Thanks for your help!

Jay, did you get an answer on this. I am searching for some provenance on my trophy. We have identical marks in a different order. On the front the Santos Cup…1936 to 37. Santos is in Assam Chief India… Can’t trace the hallmark though