Hallmarks on silver pocket watch?

Please help. I have a silver watch and am trying to find out about it but ant find out what the marks mean. On the inside of the back of the watch their are two lions (standing up), a H with no shape around it, the number 0,935, the number 30, the number 2244, The letters KSC and a small lion standing up in a long shield shape? Also their lion on the ring at the top. Any help much appreciated. Thanks :smiley:

The 2 โ€œlionsโ€ are bears and indicate that the watch case is Swiss silver above .875 standard. These marks were used from 1882 to 1934. Obviously .935 is the actual standard.

Thanks! :smiley:

I have a similar ladies fob watch with the same two bears, on the inner case beneath the bears is also a helmet/head armour symbol. I wondered if this could help me either date it or add to finding its swiss maker?