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Quite some time ago I was given a silver bowl, I will try with a photo later but am not very good with this sort of thing. The mark on it is:

HEB Lion Shield with corn and Sword (what looks like an itallic I on its side

From trying to research I think the first is the maker, but don’t know who, Sterling Silver for the Lion, Chester prior to 1701 when this mark changed and I cannot find the end mark. I don’t know if anyone can help from this description or whether it will have to wait and see if I can work out the photo technology. Julie

A picture would be good when you can upload one, but meanwhile…

HEB over FEB is the mark for Barker Brothers (Herbert Edward Barker & Frank Ernest Barker) and the date is probably 1909.

This is the picture of the Hallmark and of the silver bowl.

Great pictures, Julie! The date letter is X which makes it 1923.

Thanks very much for the information given on this, it is very interesting. Julie