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Hand Chased, Made in England, J.T Hallmark

I can only make a guess that this is a Bun, Biscuit warmer or a Butter server.

The maker mark is “J.T” the next mark looks like a silhouette lions head, the third is indistinguishable and the next says “made in England”. The last engraving says “Hand Chased” The metal is not magnetic.

I appreciate any help.

British Chased Bun side resized 007.jpg

I am uploading images of the server[/img]
British Chased Bun side detail 008.jpg
British Chased Bun reduced 005.jpg
British Chased Bun hallmarks 016.jpg

And a pic of the server open

British Chased Bun open resized 015.jpg

This appears to be a device for keeping food such as buns, bread, etc warm.

I believe it is electroplate, probably made by J Turton & Co of Sheffield. If it were silver it would have had a hallmark; the marks you show are just the manufacturer’s marks.

When I go to the Sheffield makers marks site I find “J.T” identified as:

John Turton, active 1876-1898 at 23-24 Times Building Bow St. Sheffield.

Am I to conclude the piece bearing the “J.T” makers mark was crafted between 1876 and 1898 ?

I have drawn a jewelers saw blade thru an inconspicuous location and fail to strike a base metal. Additionally the piece is not magnetic.

I am researching this for an elderly friend and your help is greatly appreciated.

You cannot rely on these dates. A quick check shows that J Turton & Co were still in business in 1920 - I don’t know how long they carried on after that. J.T may not even be Turton & Co as there is no definitive and exhaustive list of electroplaters.

I appreciate the effort of the forum.

I have searched every way I am able to find more information about the Maker. I have made some headway in that regard. I have done an intense search with he information I have gleaned to try to find another item that even resembles the one I have and I have not been successful.

I have been searching for an understanding of overlay, electroplating and other processes and I have found much information. I still cannot understand the properties of my particular piece.

The internet has provided me a good understanding of a topic I knew little aboout.