Hand hammered deep dish hallmark- help

Hi all! Newbie here. found this site after a long arduous search. I’ve posted this request on 925-1000.com also after searching thru their listings. Apparantly this deep dish is 95% silver? it’s 14.5" in diameter is 3cm thick and weighs about 3-4 pounds. non magnetic and appears to be hand hammered. Apparently it’s 95% silver hence the “Sn 95%” mark? Any ideas? Thanks!
Snapshot 40small.jpg
Snapshot 39small.jpg
Snapshot 37small.jpg

this is the dish

the 95% mark
Snapshot 38small.jpg

Hi I think the dish maybe pewter have you been able to find anymore information as I have a bowl with the same markings.
Thank you Di

Yes, it’s pewter. Sn 95% means 95% tin.

Hi would you know any of the markings or how old or where it originated from.
Thank you Di

Don’t know who used these marks, but I see various combinations of them all the time.
I’m thinking Italy, 2nd half of the 20th century.