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happy New Year!


Dear All,

May I wish all of our users and all the rest of the world good luck and happiness for the coming new year !

Let’s all hope that 2007 is the year that people of all beliefs and backgrounds can learn to see the best in each other and work together to finally bring peace to all corners of the world.

Let’s also hope that the governments of the world have the wisdom and courage to address properly the issues of poverty, disease and the environment.

Finally, let’s all hope that Google buy for 1.6 billion dollars and I can retire.

Peace and love to all!

Jonathan Franks


Jonathan, you were bringing tears to my eyes with the “peace on earth, good will to men” swill until the buy-out for a measly $1.6 billion came up. The last time me & the wife were in your town $1.6 billion would not last very long…You need to retire to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA where a good Bombay martini (with or without an anchovy stuffed olive) is still about $5, and a haircut is $9.

In any event, thanks for starting this site, its a lot of fun. Me & the wife are going to Miami Beach week after next for the big antique show, be there all week. If any of the folks that visit here are going, we would be glad to meet you. My cell phone is 225 937 1319.

Uncle Vic Roy


ha! but actually I’m bald - so if we skip the haircuts, that leaves me with 320 million Bombay martinis. Feel free to drop by anytime you want a drink!


Well, me & the wife just went to a great restaurant and had Bombay martinis in your honor…they were not $5, but closer to 7, so perhaps your stash is under 300 million now. We did appitizers, oysters on the half shell broiled in butter and garlic. We are both skinny, thank goodness.

We are having a large party over at our second home on the water for New Years and I’m doing some marinated shrimp as an appitizer. It’s a very simple recipe. I’ll share it and try to translate the Cajun into international English:

First, take about 5 pounds of large shrimp (curl your index finger and that’s a large shrimp, head off). Peel them raw, boil them in salty water for 6 minutes, then pour them out into a collendar and let them cool.

Second, make a marinade of store-bought Italian salad dressing (I use Wish-Bone, but any basic one will do), get the 16 oz. bottle.

Thrid, take a medium size white onion and slice it very thin.

4th, get a bottle of capers.

5th, put some of the sliced onion in the bottom of a plastic container big enough to hold all the shrimp and marinade, put the shrimp in, pour the Italian dressing over that, then pour the capers in and the rest of the sliced thin white onion. I put about a teaspoon of crushed garlic (think garlic puree’) Then just put in the frig for a while. Now and then shake it up to get all the shrimp in the marinade. Takes about 12-18 hours to get the flavor in the shrimp, longer is not a problem. Serve with the marinade and sliced onion in a silver dish with toothpicks on the side to stab the shrimp. It is very good. Serves a large dinner party, say 16-20 people assuming you have other stuff to eat.

Happy New Year,

Uncle Vic