Hardy bros complete sets unused

I’ve inherited two complete, never used, complete cutlery sets that were made by Hardy Brothers in Australia. Comes complete with receipts from 1976 and letter regarding maintenance. Any advice would be helpful, where to take them or what to do with them.
Thanks very much.

Pictures of the items with marks would be useful.

I found these markings when I unwrapped a couple of the pieces,
any ideas?

Thanks again,

Your cutlery sets are electroplated; “A1” shows that they are of the best quality (thickest plating). Nevertheless the silver content is negligible so there is no intrinsic value. As for your Hecworth plate I suggest that you check eBay’s completed auctions for electroplated sets similar to yours. Whatever was paid for them in 1976 it is highly unlikely that you would get anything comparable so I suggest that your best course of action would be to use them.