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Harrods London SW...HELP

Hi All, can anyone help me with this please…i only know that its Harrods…

Obviously a commerative spoon (unsure as to what it commemorates though!), but I think the hallmark is Sheffield 1961, and the maker’s mark is Frank Cobb & Co Ltd - who I believe occupied premises in Howard Works, Broad Street, Sheffield.

i dont think its commemorative because i have six of them…maybe its manufacturers coat of arms … ?
harrods (1).JPG

I agree with John that they are probably commemmorative of something. Perhaps the organisation whose arms are on the spoons had some sort of major anniversary. I would guess they were probably presented as a set of 6 to various honoured recipients.

All six of them have the same coat of arms…and its Republic of Ghana…
Can anyone help me with production year…? And where can I found Harrods serial numbers ?
On this spoons s. no. is r 666965

As stated previously the year they were assayed (produced) was 1961. The number R666965 is probably the registration/design mark of the spoon which would normally be stamped on assay. Unless others know differently.
Many things were happening in Ghana in the 60’s, after it’s independence in 1957 (formerly Gold Coast). So these could have been presented to a visiting statesman possibly.
Hope this helps

Thanks a lot !