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Harrods Toast Rack


I have recently acquired a Harrods London silver plated toast rack. I’ve identified most of the hallmarks (located on the inside of the width), but I have two questions concerning the “Harrods London” one and the first one in the series on the opposite side that looks “I”-shaped.

I’ve seen a bit of Harrods silver, but usually the hallmark says “Harrods London S.W.” Does it mean anything that mine is just “Harrods London”? Is this from a later time period or something? What’s troubling is that I have not found any other example of this hallmark. In the same vein, I have not been able to find anything like the other hallmark with which I am also having trouble. At first I thought it was an “I” or “T” but upon closer inspection it seems to be a visual symbol that I don’t recognize. Does anyone have any thoughts that may help with my search?

Also please excuse the heavy tarnish. I haven’t had time to work with it yet!

Thank you so much!

I believe that the symbol to the left of the Harrod’s mark is a signpost; this was the trade mark of 2 companies: Shirtcliffe & Son of Sheffield and Sucklings of Birmingham. One of these companies would be the manufacturer, probably commissioned to make the item by Harrods. I can’t help with a time frame or when Harrods used this particular form of their name.

Thank you so much! That was super helpful.