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Have you ever seen this silver (?) mark?


I found this spoon the other day in a charity shop in Oxford, UK, and I would like to know a bit more about it.

There is a monogram with the letters C C On the front.
Could it be a mustard spoon? Besides, I cannot find out what is the mark stamped at the back. Does anybody know anything about this mark? I am not even sure it is silver, actually; the colour may be a bit too yellowish … Could it be a faux silver mark?

I would be very grateful if anybody could give me their opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

cc spoon8.jpg
cc spoon7.jpg
cc spoon5.jpg

My suggestion would be that it is a salt spoon and certainly electroplate. The mark could be one of the many Deykin & Son marks, who were active from 1854 as electroplaters in their Venetian Works, 5&6 Jennens Row, Dale End, Birmingham.
Very little commercial value.
BUT … willing to be proved wrong :slight_smile: