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Havent a clue where its from or what it is


Hi all

Any info would be appreciated. Was given this looks like a cake server. I wondered where its from and if its worth anything. I can make out a hallmark that looks like a key followed by a lion? then a blokes head. also can make out the number 834

Im gonna try uploading pics pls excuse if it doesnt work


[/img] :bulb:


Hi Charlie,
Thanks for joining us on
Your item certainly looks like a cake server to me, but it would help if you could take a close up photograph of the marks so that we could give you an idea of age.

Best regards
Daniel Franks


i shall have to get a friend that has a beeter camera then me to take close up

thanks in advance


german or dutch cake slicer - made about 1900 in the best case - looks like " HANAU" silver- rather often with so called fantasy hallmarks imitating french marks


anyone have a rough idea of its possible value?



20 pounds max


I think it may be a little rash to call them faux marks without a better picture! We really need better pics to be sure.