Hello - can you help ?

I wonder if anyone out there can identify this object, and tell me what is was used for?

It clearly is broken and I’m not sure that the small charm with the three (paste?) stones in was originally part of the item, even though the jump ring securing it to the central of the three chains seems to have been secured with silver solder.

Could it be part of a chatelaine? I hasve searched diligently and can find no hallmarks or makers marks on it at all, suggesting it is of forign manufacture - possibly Indian?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As it is too small to turn into a bracelet, despite the obvious quality of the workmanship, sadly I can see very little use for it and will probably add it to some scrap silver, but it would be nice to find out what it was!
what is it.jpg

This is almost certainly an Albertina watch chain (the female equivalent of an Albert). It may have had a T-bar to secure it to a buttonhole and it is missing a clip to hold a watch. Rather than scrapping it you may get a little more for it, even incomplete, on eBay.

Thanks for that. It’s nice to at least know what it is. I might follow your advice and try and sell it on e-bay rather than send it to be melted, as it is a nice object.