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Hello from a new member

:smiley: I am based in North Wales in the UK. Not a serious collector of silver but a lover of all things beautiful, hand crafted old or new (mainly old). I am hoping someone in silver- collector can help me with a piece I have lately come across. - :blush: -I have mistakenly opened up a new post with pictures in the PHOTOGRAPHING SILVER section, under the title of “Indian Silver Porringer”, There are some photos in the other section, if you care to look at them. Sorry to be such and idiot, I got over excited.!! … :unamused: I realize I need to put more info on the marks as well, so here goes. There are three marks, the central mark is one way flanked by two others, one of which is reversed. The first one is shield shaped with a lion rampant, facing right, with a number 1 beside it, and a key protruding to the right side. The central mark seems to be a square stamp with Gebr and capital N beneath. The third mark is a shield shape I think with a lower case d or if it is the other way up then a p with a possible dot after it. Hope somone can tell me something. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, Jambuti