"Hello" from a newish member!

I thought I might introduce myself, as I’ve been enjoying reading around this site (thank you to the Franks brothers!) I’ve collected silver for a little over 10 years - primarily American silver from the period between about 1860 to 1910. I appreciate any opportunity to help people learn more about their own silver, and to encourage interest in a subject I find so endlessly fascinating!! I’m weak when it comes to identifying continental silver, so I look forward to the opportunity to ask questions of those who specialize in that area.

I consider it my own small mission in life to encourage people to USE the silver they already have - too many people tuck it away, thinking it harder to maintain than it really is. I’m always suprised by how few people actually do collect silver, considering how undervalued it seems to me to be. Modern junk is poorly made and costs a mint, while the beauty and history of old silver often comes at a real bargain.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate!


I fully agree - old silver is butifull handicraft - hand made pieces to be bought for a small sum.
My interest is Scandinavian, German, silver etc. I collect pieces from the places that I have visited. I prefer silver from 1700 - so many nice pieces for a small sum.
When I cannot get my hands on this I go for 1800 but always before 1900. Unless it contains a good story.
Empire - 1822 danish unidentified master - but I found the location (the farm) where the owner lived back in 1822 :laughing: