Hello i have i hallmark i am unsure of Birminghamsilver co?

Hello and thank you for reading my post.
I have what I believe to be a serving tray which I am trying to identify the maker of. I have searched several sites and found a very similar hallmark series used by BIRMINGHAM SILVER CO INC - Yalesville, CT
Successors to Goldfeder Silverware Co. (source- silvercollection.it/AMERICAN … SBDUE.html )

However the last character in the mark on my tray has a small serif? in the middle extending to the left (very hard to see) as well as the absence of the words silver on copper. Their is also a harder to see 3 marks below the three hallmarks. I am guessing this would be the REG shown under the Birmingham Hallmark.

I understand wear overtime may erase marks but it appears to me as no sign of the words silver on copper ever existing on it (looking under magnification) but it is possible.
The same goes for the crown, which does not appear to have a cross atop. Has anyone come across worn Birmingham silver CO INC hallmarks such as this before or do you think it may be made by another silversmith? Sorry about the poor photos.Thank you for your time and help. John
2013-04-06 17.04.26 - Copy.jpg
2013-04-06 17.06.38 - Copy.jpg
2013-04-06 17.06.58 - Copy.jpg

In my opinion your mark is exactly the same as that in the reference - but with more wear. As this mark was put on by the company iteslf there are no external rules saying that “silver over copper” must be present; you should expect all sorts of variation with such marks.

Thank you for your reply. I had figured it was badly worn. I wasn’t able to find much about them producing items other then silver on copper. I was in question to whether or not they made pieces of different composition and the possibility of this being one due to the lack of the phrase. I suppose if their weren’t any regulations requiring it why put it on their from the makers view. Again thank you. John