Hello !!!

Hello to all of the persons that consult this forum , my name is Paulo Silva and i´m from Portugal.I´m manly a coin collector but ocasionally i have some pieces in silver that i know nothing about but i enjoy the research part of it.I hope to give my contribuition to this forum and learn a lot with you all.Thank you.

Hi Paulo,

It’s hard to offer much of a welcome because I am almost as new as you. “Ditto” on the bit about enjoying the research. Mine has been mainly in the backgrounds & products of small U.S. silver companies in the late 19th century. I have an interest in latin America also, but not much knowledge. Mexico and Peru seem to have been the major silver producers…I have a few interesting pieces, mostly lower end stuff.

A warm welcome to both of you. We hope you will find this forum informative and fun. I’m constnatly amazed at the collective knowledge of the members here.


Uncle Vic