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HELP - Apostle spoon?

I’ve got a heavy silver spoon with Maker PP (?), small letter s, lion passant & I think a London mark - there is also a number across the bottom of the handle at the back which reads R21193B. The bowl has a picture of a man… Any help as to date or who the man is would be great. :smiley:

More detailed pictures, of all marks, are essential. If (and it’s a big if at the moment) the R number is a registered design number (and would be Rd211938) it dates the design (not manufacture) to 1893.

Hi Shelly - I have this spoon too - did you ever find out what it was?
I’ve got the date as being 1893 and it’s English, but I can’t find a maker’s name for the PP and I have no idea who the person is - he looks somehow naval?

Welcome to the forum, suziepinbox. Perhaps you can post the pictures that shellyberic did not. Then we may be able to confirm some information.


Here are some pictures of the spoon in question. It’s hallmark consists of a lion rampant, an uncrowned leopard and the letter S, which suggests to me that it was made in the UK in 1893 - but I am no expert so happy to be corrected. The fact that it has what seems to be a more modern-looking serial number might lend itself to a later date? (The number is R211938). I can’t find any UK silversmith with PP as their mark. And I have not a clue as to who this chap is!! Hopefully someone can help. Many thanks. Suzie

I can confirm that the hallmark is London 1893 and that 211938 is the design registration number issued, also, in 1893. However I cannot put a name to “PP”. There is no matching mark registered at the London Assay Office so I can only assume that these initials have been applied on top of those of the maker. When I blow up your picture of the hallmark I can persuade myself that it could very easily be an overstamp. This practice, although rare, is not unprecedented. There is a very similar PP mark registered at Birmingham by Payton, Pepper & Co and it is just possible that this is their mark.

I have no idea who the man depicted in the bowl of the spoon can be although there is clearly some Christian connection.


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Judging by the dress of the man in the bowl of the spoon, it’s hard to imagine that’s one of the apostles. Possibly a saint, or pope, or other religious figure?

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