Help - Claret Wine Jug info


Please help firstly to identify this piece … I’m guessing a claret wine jug. I would also like to know more about the year, maker etc. but unfortunately there are no markings whatsoever … I have checked it thoroughly. Where there are absolutely no stamps or markings present on a silver piece, can we automatically assume it is silver plated or is there still a chance that it might be sterling silver, just not marked.
Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks & regards

Silver Crystal Claret Wine Jug 220kb.jpg

It certainly looks like a claret jug to me. With no marks it’s going to be very difficult to identify.

To answer your question about markings on silver it is certainly (just) possible that a silver piece may not be marked; however it is highly unlikely and we have to assume that silver plate is the most likely possibility.

Ok thanks