Help dating a Walker & Hall Trumpet Vase

My mother has a Walker & Hall Sheffield trumpet vase that she wants me to find out the date for. I have looked up their hallmarks and am having trouble finding a date on this exact one. I believe my Grandmother gave the vase to my mother in about 1952 but we are sure it is older than that. I would also like to know its approximate value, although its not extremely important as we have no intentions of selling the piece.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Saiph
trumpet  vase 2.jpg
trumpet vase.jpg

The mark you show is not a hallmark, from which I have to conclude that the vase is electroplated and not silver. Although Walker and Hall date-coded some of their plated ware this vase does not have a date code so I cannot give you a date for it.

Thanks for your help. I was thinking it was electroplated. Do you know if there is any way of finding out what date it would have been made or what this style of electrplated piece would be valued at these days?

The only potential dating method is by using the pattern number. I am not aware of any sort of cross-reference between W&H pattern numbers and date of first use so the answer to your first question is “no”.

Value is virtually nothing. Plated vases are selling on eBay for a couple of pounds only.