Help Dating Silver Case (Card/Cigarette)

Hi , would like help dating a case that i have, and any other details welcome.

Many Thanks.

Hi Mac

The case was made by William Neale & Sons of birmingham. The date make is 1903. their address was Warstone Lane, Birmingham; subsequently Cox Street, St Paul’s, Birmingham.

They did make a lot of cigarette and card cases.

Mac - off the subject, but I’m considering a new camera and want one that will take good closeups of silver marks. Your pics are about the best I’ve seen. What kind of camera and lens do you use?

You may email me direct if you’d rather not post it.


Uncle Vic

Firstly, thankyou keith for your responce on the case and its hallmarks.

Uncle Vic i dont mind posting the details, the camera is pretty simple, it is an Olympus mju 1010 which has a great setting for extra close zoom. I think it cost around £150 sterling. If you google the name im sure you can get all relevant Specifications. It is a pretty cool little camera!

Thanks again


Thanks, Mac. I’ll check it out.

Uncle Vic

Ive just been informed that the date of this case is infact 1913/14 ?? Can anyone confirm this to be true or false.

Many many thanks!

Hi, The assay year is indeed 1913/14.