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Help! Deciphering an unusual group of hallmarks

I’ve just acquired what I understood to be a small Georgian sterling silver pot. (The hallmarks are so small that taking a photo is beyond me at present, but I’m working on it.)
From left to right just below the pot’s outer rim are the following:

  1. JS (I assume maker’s mark).
  2. lion (impossible to tell which way head is facing). Shield: 3 “curves” on top side and one on bottom side.
  3. possibly a small gothic “b”. Shield: Corners chopped off at top and bottom edges, plus serrated 2/3 “curves” along bottom side.
  4. capital “F”. Shield: Oval.
  5. (possibly) leopard’s head. Shield: Three “curves” on top side, sides narrowing to join up at base.

Apologies for the lack of picture, but I’d be really grateful for any hep and advice anyone could give me to identify the origin of this small pot.

Thank you.

Ignoring the JS for now is it anything like this?:

I know it doesn’t exactly match your description but it’s my best guess at the moment. If you can’t get a clear picture you can (a) try taking the picture through a magnifying glass or (b) make a drawing and scan it.

Yes, that is pretty much exactly what I think I can see through my (small) magnifying glass.
The second mark (“b”) still concerns me, as it’s so hard to read.
I’ll try a camera shot today.
Many thanks: hope the hallmarks can lead us somewhere!

The hallmark which I showed you is a London import mark for 1897. This should make JS John George Smith, an importer of foreign silver.

Thank you so much. Most interesting, but hardly a Georgian piece!
Do the hallmarks for this foreign item mean anything more than 1897, London and the importer (e.g. the “F”)?

One further thought, if I may.
Is there any way of finding out the date/place of the imported pot’s original production from the marks?
It’s just that there are fleur-de-lys motifs decorating the sides (ergo French?), and also two quite indistinct marks on the base: perhaps a leopard’s head (as on the side), and also a multi-sided irregular mark, which looks like an upside-down dog’s snout!
Apologies for the lack of pics: I’ll try shortly to manufacture something.

John George Smith imported a lot of Hanau Germany silver.
Check here for Gebruder Dingeldein’s marks:

On the base of this pot, I think I’ve worked out that one of the two marks may just be a boar’s head (= the mark of the Paris Assay Office, indicating a fineness of 800 or higher).
The other mark, as I mentioned in an earlier post, perhaps resembles a leopard facing forward.

The F in an oval is the mark used on imported or foreign silver that was assayed in Britian. It was in use from approxomately 1867 to 1904.