Help decoding silver jewelry hallmark

Hi All,
I’m trying to decipher a hallmark that I believe is British. It is on a locket. It has 4 marks - a lion, something else, an anchor, and initials. I think the initials are GWD but they are a bit worn so I’m not positive. So far, I haven’t come across GWD on any sites. From the marks I can understand, it is sterling and make after 1890 (since there isn’t a sovereign head). But, unfortunately I can’t tell who makes it, exactly when it was made, and where it is from. If anyone can help, I’d REALLY appreciate it!

Looks to me like town mark for Chester with a poorly struck letter t (1882)? and no luck with the maker.

I agree with Chester 1882. There is no duty mark presumably because it is too small - duty was not payable on items below a certain weight. GWD is George William Dawson, goldsmith & jeweller of Hockley Street, Birmingham, who registered his mark in December 1879.

Interesting! I never realized that silversmiths could register their mark in one city but make products in another. Thanks for all the help with this! I love this locket and now know who to search for to buy my next treasure.