Help finding information about silver flask

Have not been able to identify the silversmith for this flask. Any help greatly appreciated!

I think it’s only possible to identify the year 1911 with certainty, because on the silver plate you can only see the letter “E”.

Thank you.

I polished up the mark on the cap and it looks like it may be E&J? And am I right in thinking it is sterling since it has the lion?
Thanks so much!

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I believe that the maker’s (or sponsor’s) mark is most likely to be E&S which is the mark of a company called Edwards & Sons who had a shop in Regent Street in London:


In 1912 they described themselves as “stationers, printers, jewellers, dealers in antiques, curios and fancy goods”. As retailers they are unlikely to have made this flask themselves and are, in fact, noted as having bought in their silver items from manufacturing jewellers such as Deakin & Sons of Sheffield.

The marks on the silver are London hallmarks for sterling silver with the date letter q for the assay year 1911/12.


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