Help for a new collector - 3 sets of initials on my spoon

I am a new collector and have just bought a 1749 Georgian silver shell back spoon with the maker’s mark for Ebeneezer Coker. All of that is clear even to this newbie!

What is a mystery to me is what appears to be THREE sets of initials on the handle - LM over ITB then the date 1749 over LAC.

2 sets of initials with the same surname suggests a wedding gift, 3 if they had the same surname might suggest the birth of a child? But 3 apparently unlinked sets?

I had the thought that the upper 2 sets were abbreviations for some ‘well known phrase or saying’ ( Roman inscriptions show this, I think) but searches on the internet have proved fruitless.

Can anyone enlighten me?

We often see two sets of initials for a bride and groom, but the third is a mystery to me too. They all seem to be in the same style so presumably were engraved at the same time. Or perhaps not - the "L"s are not quite the same.

same with the arrows - they are same at first 2 initials.
But are different in the third initial.

Could it have been a second owner perhaps? The first 2 sets and the date are a bride and groom then it was passed down to someone else who had it re-engraved?

Thanks for the replies. I hadn’t seen the differences for myself.

How about the initials above the date being those of someone with four forenames and a surname,