Help... Gorham Silver Mark

Thank you in advance to everyone. I have tried to figure this one out myself, but hope this forum can help.

I am trying to date my family’s silverware set. I know it is Gorham silver and is 20th century by its mark. The only question is if I can get close to the date. Most pieces have a Patent date of 1913, and the distinctive marks of the maker are there. The problem is that each piece has an “E” surrounded by a circle before the patent mark (a couple have an “M”). I have found all sorts of info online about other shapes, but these seem certain to be circles and I haven’t found anything about them.

I apologize if this is too much of a newbe question… and hope it is not a waste of time.

Thank you again.

Hi there Dancegear and thanks for joining us. Gorham used date marks from 1868 until the 1930, and even into the 70s on some itmes. Date marks were used on its higher quality holloware only, never on flatware. Gorham made flatware in five different wieghts, and some flatware was stamped with marks to designate which weight…“T” for Trade; “H” for Heavy; “EH” for Extra Heavy, and “M” for Medium. Regular weight was not marked.

I’m not sure what the extra marks you describe represent, but could be a copyright or trademark notice, like the little “c” in a circle, or the “r”. A picture of your marks would help us to get to the bottom of those.


Uncle Vic