HELP! I can't read this

In a deceased estate I found this little cup.
The poor thing has had a hard life and I cannot read the hallmarks.
There seems to be a Bell, A sailing boat, an S and an M, and E 12 or something.
It has a number of marks most are difficult to see.
Any ideas please?

That is a bit of a mess isn’t it! I have re-oriented the marks so that they can be understood:

First what we see is a trumpet with a banner hanging from it. On the next line is JD&S and on the third line is EPBM. These are electroplate marks of James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. EPBM is ElectroPlated Britannia Metal; i.e electroplate on a white metal alloy.


Hi Phil.

Yes it is a mess.Lots more marks like E & 1 2?

Here is a picture of the poor battered item.



The E and the 12 are part of an internal factory model or design number, records of which are probably lost. Unless it has huge sentimental value I fear it is not worth saving.


No sentimental value as only just found it in deceased estate.
However I was intensely curious because of the markings and condition.
Thank you Phil for your help but I feel there is more to find.