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Help ID continental silver hallmarks

Would anyone have any info on the maker, origin, purity, era, etc. of this pair of candlesticks? The hallmarks appear to be that of a crescent moon, crown (a bit worn off), 0.800, but I don’t see a makers mark. The candlesticks stand about 15 inches and unweighted. Thanks in advance for any info.

This is German silver mark (800/1000 proof) in use after 1888. Withot a maker mark it is difficult to narrow this period.

Thank you so much! Is it common for silver from Germany to not have a maker’s mark? From the style of the candlesticks, I think they might be from the Art Nouveau period. What do you think?

Usually, there is a maker’s mark. Maybe it is in another place. As to the style: if you are good enough (I am not) you may identify the style. However, there is no guarantee that the particular style was not copied much later.