Help ID sterling and enamel cherries objet d'art

Hi all, would appreciate anyone’s thoughts on the maker, country of origin and general age of my sterling and enamel cherries objet d’art. Also, what it was intended for, if something more than just a pretty object…

Measures about 2.5" x 2.5" and weighs 135 grams. Some enamel loss to the leaves. Hallmarked .925 but the two flanking cartouches are strangely empty of hallmarks.

Thanks for your thoughts!

The 6-sided mark to the left of the 925 looks like an Italian mark. If you can clean it up you may be able to read the details. If it is Italian the mark will comprise a number and 2 letters; these are the silversmith’s registration number and the province abbreviation.


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Thanks Phil. I cleaned the cartouches well with q-tips and they look empty (or the marks there were intentionally removed for some reason).

Yes, they’ve been deliberately erased. However I’m maybe 90% sure that the 6-sided mark is a pre-1968 Italian mark.

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Thanks Phil, appreciate the info