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Help identifing marks on letter opener

Can someone please help identify the marks on this letter opener. The EP stamp, I’m assuming, tells me that it is electro plate. I was hoping the other marks will reveal maker, date & possibly region of origin.
Kind regards. IMG_2822 IMG_2857

Definitely electroplated and probably British - but that’s as far as I can go. The manufacturer’s mark does not seem to have been captured anywhere.


Thank you Phil for your comments. Much appreciated.

Just a thought: electroplaters often included the initial letter of their city in their mark (B for Birmingham, S for Sheffield, etc). If that is a “D” then we might be looking at a Dublin manufacturer. Even more of a long shot, possibly John Morton Ltd, but I don’t know if they ever produced electroplate.

HI Phil,
That is very interesting. I took that mark to be a gothic character D. I shall do further research with this new information. If I may ask, do you have a possible date range when this was made?
Kind regards,

Yet another stab in the dark: 1st half of 20th century.

That’s great news Phil. Again, thank you for your input. Very helpful.
Kind regards,