HELP Identifing old spoon -- ?? BEHRENS or BEHREN ??

I found this spoon in a small lot of mixed silverware (some sterling some plated) at a local flea market.

It is 5-3/4" in length and the metals thickness is on the thin side… The stamping is worn and it appears to have an “S” after BEHREN. There is another mark preceding BEHREN also. This mark is spaced away from the name so I would imagine it is a first initial or a different mark altogether. Uncertain if it is silver but it is on the soft side so I suspect it is. It has stirred my interest as I suspect it is very old, but I am uncertain.

Any help with identification would be appreciated.

I think that we are in the region around germany -
Denmark I have checked and it is not. Swedish no, but maybe some other european country around germany.