Help Identify Cigarette Case?

I have this what seems to be old Cigarette case, it has two “f” connected by diamonds, a lion, an anchor, and a y on one side, and the other just a lion and a y.
Can you help me?

Reading the marks from left to right:

  • FF is the maker’s mark (Frederick Field Ltd of Birmingham)
  • anchor: Birmingham
  • lion passant: sterling silver (925/1000 purity)
  • Y: date letter for 1948

It is normal, where a silver item is made from 2 pieces, for there to be a full hallmark on one piece and a partial hallmark on the other.

Wow thank-you, I tried to research it on my own but had no luck. - Do you know how much it is worth roughly?

I suggest you check out the completed auctions on eBay. You should be able to find something of roughly the same period and weight and it will give you a good idea of what people are prepared to pay. You might also want to know the scrap value - if you search the internet for “scrap silver calculator” you will find several useful links.

Thanks again! I really appreciate all the information.