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Help identify these markings please

I have inherited a bag of cutlery and the majority have the hallmarks of the first photo and some have the markings in the second photo. If anyone could provide any info on age/value I would be grateful.!


I also have a bracelet and a locket that has markings on. please see below.

Your first mark is an electroplate mark of Alexander Clark Manufacturing Co. The 7dwt mark shows that 7 pennyweights of silver was used in the process of plating the set of (probably 6) items.

The second mark is also an electroplate mark. Although I don’t know who S&L were, EP over NS stands for electroplated nickel silver. The A is a measure of plating quality where A1 is normally the best quality.

The third mark is a sterling silver hallmark. JGLtd is Joseph Gloster Ltd and the hallmark is Birmingham, 1960.

I don’t see anything familiar on the last mark so I can’t help with that.


Hi Phil, That’s fantastic, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.