Help identifying a set of Marks

Hi there, Can anybody help me out i have a set of fiddle pattern spoons and cannot identify the makers mark, any help would be appreciated. The picture is exactly what is on the spoons, and all that i know is that they were made in London.

Thanks Adam

Your spoons are electroplate by Atkin Brothers. See this link for information.

Thankyou for you’re help as i had looked at that page before seeing “Atkins Bros” however i wasn’t quite sure, I also found out since posting this that the P over EP Stands for Prime Electro-Plate.

Thankyou again, kind regards Adam :slight_smile:

Hello I have a type of spoon/ladle and would appreciate it if someone could

A/ identify the hallmark and b/ what the item is used for

Any help would be much appreciated.

This is the mark