Help identifying a spoon.

Hi all,

I’ll be honest, I’m new here and have no clue whatsoever what I’m talking about so I hope to find someone who can help me identify a spoon. I’m not even sure it is silver but as it is hallmarked I made the assumption it is.

My dad has just decided to finally get himself on the internet and has tried identifying an old spoon he has but both he and I have failed to find any clue as to its identity after several hours trawling the internet.

Below are links to several large pictures which will hopefully prove fruitful results.

Many thanks in advance,

Dave. … 81/1-1.jpg … 81/2-1.jpg … 81/3-1.jpg … 81/4-1.jpg … 81/5-1.jpg

The marks on the spoon are not a hallmark so it is not silver. The trade mark appears to read JGGS which I believe is for J G Graves & Son of Sheffield. I’m not sure what the letters in the oval, which I take to be CS, mean.