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help identifying antiqe silver box

[color=darkred][size=150][b]Hello everyone!

I’ve found this box at my grandmother house who passed away last year.

the symbols are on the bottoms of the box,

accept the single symbol located on the bottom of the cover.

Is it a silver? is it really from 1885?

Does anyone recognize the symbols?

Thanks alot!![/b][/size]

Hello ,
Your box is silver. The mark on the far right is the town mark of Minsk in Belarus. The 84 mark to its left is the purity mark for 84 zlotniki which is equivalent to 875 standard silver and the mark ‘OC 1885’ is that of the assay master and the date. Unfortunately the maker’s mark is a litte too distorted to read.

Hope this helps.


That mazing that you know all of that!!
Thanks so much paul.
So, is it worth something?
i understand that silver 875 (Russian silver) is not worth too much…
Anyway thank you!
You helped me a LOT!

84 zlotniki is the most common standard. It certainly is not worthless. I cannot see what size it is.Without actually seeing it, it is hard to put a value on it. It certainly seems to be of good quality. I would suggest taking it to a reputable dealer or auction house to get it valued.