Help Identifying antique Gorham Mfg. Co. marks

I need help identifying the marks I have attached from an antique Gorham Mfg. Co. antique tea set. The mark picture is followed by a picture of the item. There are five items and it is a six piece set. The tray is not pictured as I did identify it. I also have not been able to identify the pattern after looking at hundreds online.

I do know that the letters indicate the items were manufactured in 1871, 1873 and 1874 (D, F and G, respectively). I mostly want to know whether they are sterling or plated and the name of the pattern. If someone can give me an estimate of their value on the open market, that would be a bonus. Thank you.

I believe you’ll find that “silver soldered” means it’s silver plated and not solid silver. Can’t tell you the pattern right off the top of my head.