Help identifying antique necklace with makers mark

Hi everybody, I’m new here but have a few silver items to date. I did post my question on the first day of membership but it was in another post so my bad.
I have an old necklace from a relatives deceased estate, he was a mad collector of old things, jewellery, badges, pins, watches, rings, pens and toy soldiers even Raybans!
I have a lovely old necklace, links indicate to me it’s old but im no expert… Has a minute makers mark can anyone out there assist me with date or maker or both if possible, would really appreciate it. Thanks Lucy, Australia.

Looks like an Egyptian silver mark.

Thanks for your help, I took a photo in Google Lens, (life changing feature on google) which helps identify items and also language from photos. Google translated the language with auto detect to English but I can’t work out how to find out what languate it detected…

The symbols on the back / Makers mark translates to Crop in English.

That’s all I know.

It’s quite clearly Arabic and the numbers translate to 900. If this were an Egyptian mark then I would say that the bit above 900 looks like the code for Cairo. See here for a summary of Egyptian hallmarks. However a full Egyptian hallmark should have additional components (guarantee mark and date code).


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Phil/Drancula, you are both absolutely right! I had the hallmark up the wrong way which made it harder to find!
This is up the right way now…

I can see the hallmark numerous times on this page… strange that it has only one hallmark and no other date, is there another way to indicate the date range at all?

So interesting
Actually reading further along the link I posted, it says “Originally the silver fineness was indicated in hundredths (two digits: 60, 80 and 90), later (possibly after 1975) silver fineness was expressed in thousandths (three digits: 600, 800 and 900)” so my necklace might be as young as 1975 or after… thought it was older… thank you to everyone who helped, fascinating.

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