Help identifying antique silver vase Britain

we found in a storage of a woman who died very nice ilver vase.
Written on the bottom of the vase, it creates the UK
I will be happy know information about the plant that produced it, years creates, and of course the value of the vase
23 cm height.
I am attaching pictures of the stamp and the vase itself

The jug is electroplated, not silver. EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver, which is a very thin layer of pure silver on a base metal. It is very difficult to date electroplate. However the lion mark is the trademark of Charles Howard Collins, a Birmingham electroplater whose work dates from c1895 into the 20th century. Value is difficult as, with no silver content, the jug has no intrinsic value, just decorative and utility value. In addition electroplate values are very dependent on condition.

thank you very much
so if its not silver ,
Can you give about the estimated price range?
More than $ 10 than $ 50 more than $ 100, etc.

More than $10, less than $50.

thank you