Help identifying cruet set

I have spent hours looking through hallmarks and can not identify the marks on my silver and crystal cruet set. ( I believe it to be a silver base with silverplate on the actual bottle lids )
Can anyone tell me anything about this set? Where it came from, the maker, age, value, etc???

Also, the spoon with the set has a really strange…and extremely long hallmark on it which I am also having a hard time identifying.

Thank you for any help you can give me

cruet set.jpg
cruet mark.jpg

The marks on the spoon look as if it is probably silver plate but I need to to see them in more detail before I can be sure, or identify them (although I suspect they are Deykin & Sons of Sheffield). The other mark is also silver plate - EPNS is electroplated nickel silver. I don’t recognise the trade mark with the stars so can’t give you a name.

Here is a close up of the hallmark on the spoon…
spoon mark.jpg

Yes, that’s Deykin & Sons.

The clover mark with stars was used by Barker Brothers of Birmingham England.
One of their many silverplate marks.

Thank you both for the information on the makers !