Help identifying Hall Marks

I am abroad and have been asked to take a silver teapot to the UK to try and sell for someone but not sure what it is so would love some help please.

I can send pictures to anyone interested.

The item is a silver teapot with engraving HM under neath. suppose it could be HW though.
The hallmarks have the lion. The makers mark are the letters RG with the R being above the G.
There appears to be a leopard face so assume it is a London make,
The date is a O but looking at on line, the O looks like the 1809 or 1829.
The final hallmark is trickier to read but appears to be a head and shoulders.

I can e mail pics as unable to add on here.

Here are Phil’s pictures.

The hallmark date is 1829 as the leopard’s head is uncrowned. The makers are almost certainly Richard Pierce and George Burrows, the mark being poorly applied with the “P” and “B” missing. These silversmiths were active and in partnership from 1826 until 1847 or later. The final mark is the king’s head showing that the appropriate duty had been paid.

Thanks for this. Is it worth much you think? There are a couple of small dents and the handle looks like it has been repaired at some point.

The prior dating by members is correct, but I am a bit leery on the assumption of the maker, (sorry silvermakersmarks, dont mean to contradict you.) The marks are definately British/London your piece is definately sterling making even the scrap value substantial, but as a collectors piece the value will be substantially higher. dents in items like yours are never desirable, but while they do detract from the value, the depreciation is negligable.


I’m a sucker for silver!