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Help Identifying hallmarks

Can anyone help identifying these hallmarks, are they hallmarks?
What might the metal be?
Is is plated
baptism spoon hallmark.jpg

Thanks for joining us here. I can’t find your marks in my books, but the letters “E P” say it’s silver plated. The marks are not “hallmarks” but “trademarks”. The metal is most probably copper with silver electro plating over it.


Uncle Vic

In fact, the ns part stands for Nickel Silver, which is an alloy of copper and nickel. (

As such, it is an EPNS piece, Eletroplate on Nickel Silver. EPNS was produced from about 1840 to 1940 after which it became usual to plate onto copper instead.

The marks are known as plate marks. In England, hallmarks were applied by the government at governmental offices, known as assay offices. They were legally required before the piece could be sold as silver. Plate marks were applied by the manufacturer. They sometimes indicate the maker but they have no legal significance and do not describe any meaningful standard.

Plate marks were often made to look like hallmarks but this was made illegal in 1896 and from then on all EPNS pieces had to be marked EPNS. As such, your piece is likely post 1896.