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Help identifying Hallmarks!

Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone can help identify these hallmarks, its on a fork i found washed up on a beach, its been sea-worn quite a bit, but im just trying to find out its age etc.
Thanks in advance for your help!.

Hi dantro

This fork is electroplated silver and has the mark for John Round of Sheffield. It’s probably quite old. The bussiness stared in 1847 and in 1874 the firm became John Round & Son Ltd and in 1886 the business of Ridge, Allcard & Co (Lions Works, Eyre Lane) was amalgamated and John Ridge became the manager. The main factory was the renewed Tudor Works, Tudor Street, Sheffield while warious showrooms operated in London.

Hey thanks so much for that information, its hard to belive that something that old could be washed up an beach in the south west and found by me! … Makes you wonder whats its journey was and how it ended up being there?
Thanks again for the information, thats great help, just need to try and decipher the other marks now!

p.s. any tips on cleaning this up a little?!

The value for an electroplated item like this is wery little - in this condition and in mint condition value is as limited. Therefor why not keep it as it is ? a memory of a lost and found treasure.

Thanks a lot for all your, and be assured im not after selling it im just interested in its age and origin thats all …

That was not my point - the condition resemples the state you found it. Why not keep it in that condition?

Yes i see , i agree i’m not going to do anything to clean it, its got character …

I am new to this site and forum and really need some help identifying some hallmarks i have found on two items given to me by my mother.
I have included pics.
These are a set of milk/cream jug and sugar bowl.
DSC08222 - Copy.JPG