Help identifying maker mark on a sterling bead necklace

Does anyone recognize this makers mark ? Thanks

swirl hallmark

24 in 65g 10mm SS bead necklace

STERLING. or STER is not really a makers mark or a place of origin mark — although the Cork silversmiths used to mark their stuff this way before 1807.

But this isn’t that.

Looks like it might be a knockoff of a Tiffany silver hardware ball choker. Now, slight caveat, the ticket on which STER is stamped may well be sterling or .925 silver, It does not follow, since it is made up of unmarked component parts, the rest is. Also watch for weaknesses in the stringing. I cannot tell if it is wire or fibre but whatever it is it may fray then you have a handful of ball bearings with holes in them.

Soi check the stringing and for silver.