Help identifying marks on coffee spoons

Hello all, first time poster and hoping someone can save me banging my head against a brick wall with this hallmark.

I have obtained an enamelled set of 6 coffee spoons, I have tried to get a clear picture of the markings but they are pretty small so that is proving difficult so have provided a quick description also.

Reading from left to right we have :

Makers Mark look to be HJH
The second stamp is causing the problem, not an assay mark I recognise or managed to look up - it looks like a small circle or shield with a dot in the middle, set on top of a cross (similar to a celtic symbol)
The third is “.925” and the fourth is an italic i

Any assistance would be appreciated.

A close-up of the mark would be good, but my guess would the Danish mark of Hans Jorgen Hansen, who operated in the 1920s/30s.
A maker of enamelled spoons

Thanks John, I will try to post up a better pic in the morning when I can get some natural light on it.Thanks for your time. Jas

I think this is a London import mark with HJH being Henry James Hulbert. A better picture would help and is essential for determining the date - italic “i” does not fit with the dates when I think Hulbert was operational.