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Help identifying pie slice and jug hallmarks

Can anyone help please? the jog I think says PD (Phineas Daniell?) and the queen I think is an import mark rather than the silver jubilee? But can anyone identify the date and confirm the maker’s mark please? Many thanks

The pie slice has completely thrown me, I can’t make out any marks at all. If anyone can shed any light on these i would be extremely grateful. Many thanks!

The date letter on the jug is U for 1855. The Queen’s head mark is a duty mark to show that the relevant tax has been paid and is not an indication of importation. The maker’s mark is, for me anyway, definitely RD and not PD. Phineas Daniell is not a likely candidate, even if it were PD, as he was working some 60 years earlier. There are a couple of RD candidates but I am pretty sure that this is the mark of Robert Death whose working dates were c1840-1861.

The mark on your pie slice is an electroplate mark. It must date from before about 1895 as the use of a crown on electroplate was outlawed at about that time. I believe that the manufacturer is Briddon Brothers of Sheffield.


Absolutely amazing, thank you so much Phil, I really appreciate you taking the time to look!