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Help Identifying Piece, Simpson, Hall & Miller

I purchased this today at a yard sale. I’m trying to figure out what it is, and what it’s made of. I took it to a scrap metal buyer who ran several acid tests and looked at it for about 1/2 hour and couldn’t tell me what it was or made of either. He was testing it for silver, so I’m not sure what solutions he used, but the first test he said should have turned red to be silver, and it turned black. The other solution he used he said it should turn blue, and it turned black too. He filed it, scratched with stone and everytime the solution turned black. Finally he scratched his head and said he didn’t know, if I was ever able to find out, to please drop back in and let him know. The black spots in the pics are where he dropped some of the solution… It has been heavily cleaned & buffed, so it’s possible that they’ve buffed off some kind of marks, but I don’t know. I don’t think it’s plated, and it’s a pretty soft pliable metal. I’m able to bend and manipulate it pretty easily just with my hands. I’d like to know what it is (candy dish?) and anything else I can find out about it. Is it possible it’s solid silver or some other precious metal? Included some photo links below. Thanks in advance…

I would use it for bread at the table. Or you could use i for fresh fruit.

Material is difficult from a picture. It could be a sort of white metal. Brittany metal or german silver.
My first guess would thou be Pewter.

One thing for sure - it has nothing to do with silver.