Help identifying silver makers mark

I believe I can make out:
Then Eagle with a 3 stamped in it for TAXCO

I just can’t make out the stamp between Taxco and the Eagle.
Any help would be appreciated.

I suggest that you clean the marks to improve the contrast and then re-photograph them, ensuring that they are in focus. It is always a mistake to think that getting really close gives a better picture - back away a little and get it in focus.


We did use silver cleaner and everything cleaned up except for the stamped area. We then used a soft fine horsehair silver cleaning brush to no avail. The pic was not taken up close, because this stamp is inside a small 3" round circular area the camera will not fit inside. You have to hold the item at an angle to even get a pic. The further away you get the blurrier it gets. We took dozens of photos and then used the photo zoom function on the best photo to even get it that clear. But thank you anyway for your suggestions.